Gut Bacteria Can Reduce Stress!

Remember how our mothers would give us a spoon of curd and sugar before writing an exam or going for an important work? Well it seems, it has some deep science and understanding that good gut bacteria such as those found in curd would reduce stress and anxiety!   Anxiety and depression have been proven to contribute to gastro conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). For decades, doctors, parents, and researchers have noted that about three-quarters of people with autism also have some [...]


5 Things To Know Before Buying Oil

After oil companies spent billions of dollars in advertisements claiming refined oils are good for heart, the truth is finally starting to come out. India has become capital of heart diseases, after it switched to refined oils from traditional oils. The biggest reason for deaths world-wide is heart disease and India is the heart disease capital of the world, with 36% of deaths in India due to heart disease.   Are you taking care of your body enough? It begins with [...]


3 Fruits & 1 Drink for Weight Loss

Amla or Indian Gooseberry – rich in anti-oxidants and toxic cleaner. Amla is known to speed up metabolism, especially that of proteins. One of the main reasons for obesity is poor metabolism. The moment your metabolism becomes better, you start burning more fat on a daily basis and your weight loss process gets accelerated.   Haritaki or Myrobalan – is known as universal pancea due to its immense health benefits. Haritaki helps in flushing out toxins that have accumulated in our [...]


The Many Uses of Agnihotra Ash

It is recommended to take Agnihotra ash orally three times a day to counteract atmospheric pollution, environmental toxicity, and to protect oneself from disturbing frequencies that may exist from microwaves, cell phones, computers, etc. You may want to put a tablespoon full of Agnihotra ash powder into the bath for a special energy bath and put a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder in your body lotion. Agnihotra ash can be mixed with other natural ingredients, such as ghee, to make [...]


Why is A2 better than A1?

The final product is as good as the ingredients. In the mad rush of mass production, the ingredients get compromised. We take pride in consciously making small batches, hand crafting the best products employing rich produce from local communities. A2 stands for a unique protein found in Indian Cow’s milk. We discourage the use of commercial dairy and ensure milk is procured ethically from desi cows after the calf has been fed. Ghee is obtained in a limited quantity from [...]

Arjun Herb is great for heart

Arjun or Terminalia Arjuna – The Miracle Herb

If we asked you to name a herb that is an anti oxidant, reduces cholesterol, reduces BP and diabetes, all at the same time? Think no further than Arjun! Arjun decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and hence, useful in controlling high cholesterol. Arjun is a cardiac tonic. It strengthens heart, useful in angina and high blood pressure. The bark is rich in high in Co­enzyme Q­10, which reduces BP. While it is used to make many Ayurvedic medicines, the simplest and most [...]