3 Fruits & 1 Drink for Weight Loss

Amla or Indian Gooseberry – rich in anti-oxidants and toxic cleaner. Amla is known to speed up metabolism, especially that of proteins. One of the main reasons for obesity is poor metabolism. The moment your metabolism becomes better, you start burning more fat on a daily basis and your weight loss process gets accelerated.
Haritaki or Myrobalan – is known as universal pancea due to its immense health benefits. Haritaki helps in flushing out toxins that have accumulated in our body. These toxins can inhibit the functioning of the enzymes in the digestive system and can impede the process of digestion. Haritaki ensures that your food is digested well, that all the nutrients from the food are absorbed in the body and the waste is expelled, keeping weight in check.
Baheda or Vibhitaki literally means “lack of fear” – it dispels fears associated with disease. A hefty body has tendency of high cholesterol, feeling bloated and sleep disturbances. Baheda dispels all of those and more.
Together, these 3 fruits are called Triphala.
Go-Ark or fresh Gau-mutra, Triphala helps detoxify the entire system and helps in weight loss due to its vata dosha mitigating properties.
Begin your day with 2 tablets of Triphala and 10ml of Go-Ark diluted in water. Stay detoxed, stay light!

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